This is a personal blog and does not represent the opinions of my employer or clients.

My name is Vlad, and I am an experienced software engineer that occasionally jots a few notes down here. I am on Mastodon. If you are interested in the professional side of things, please look at my LinkedIn profile. You can find me on GitHub and Sourcehut although most of my work so far has been proprietary.

The name solidninja comes from the limited company I opened up when I was freelancing - combining the shortest possible description of best practices from the SOLID mnemonic with the ability to get things done quickly under the radar. I feel the name is still very relevant today as in my work I am constantly trying to combine good design and engineering with the ability to be agile and unencumbered by bureaucracy.

My friends would probably have a paragraph or two to write about me - I would imagine saying things about my obsession with privacy and data security, how I'm a geek for using Linux and for trying to flash open-source firmware on every device that I can get my hands on, how my detailed "lectures" trying to explain deep technical concepts from scratch warm the cockles of their minds (doubtful) and my weird British sense of humour. I imagine not much of that comes across from the contents of this blog, at least so far.